Monday, August 07, 2006

You Start at the Beginning

Or is that: you begin at the start?

No matter. Today I start my class blog, no matter what. I won't worry about what to write or how it looks. I am asking my students to do the same, so I need to set an example, don't you think? I can always make changes.

The photograph above is of me. I am the handsome one (actually, I'm doing a George Bush impersonation). Does it look like I know what I'm doing? Not really. I was trying to set the camera on self-timer. I made a mistake.

Who are the women behind me? They aren't my students, although they did learn English. (So did I.) Neither of them is my wife, but they are my wife's friends - and mine. They could be my students but they are not. One day they may be.

I am going to link up all of my students to this blog. It will help everyone to keep learning and using English. I am going to make a giant family of past and previous students - and other friends - so that everyone can reamain friends, even after after their English course ends. Let's keep in touch and help each other.

Remember, making mistakes isn't bad. It's fun! We learn from our mistakes. Look at the photograph to remind yourselves of that. Even 'teachers' make mistakes . . . and it isn't a problem. Who cares?

Let's have some fun :-)

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