Tuesday, August 22, 2006

'Polytaste in Music and Food'

As well as teaching, and teaching teachers, I am helping to prepare for the 2006 CLESOL (Community Learning and English for Speakers of Other Languages) Conference in Napier at the end of September.

Our school is going to do a 30-minute presentation that describes how our students became published and read their poetry on live radio, both local and national. We are proud of our students' achievements!

I have copied a memorandum that just turned up today:

School of Languages students presented a radio show on Hills AM 1575 yesterday, Wednesday 7 September 2005 from 2.00 - 3.00pm. 'Polytaste in Music and Food' was a variety show featuring music and recipes from around the world, and it aired yesterday. Over the past few weeks students from the School of Languages have been preparing a one-hour radio programme. Four announcers provided continuity and introduced others who talked about the music tracks they had selected from Tanzania, Somalia, Cambodia, Serbia, Korea and China. Two students passed on traditional recipes from Serbia and Korea.

Forty students visited the Hills AM radio station and took part in the preparation of the show, and eleven were involved in the live broadcast. The show proved to be a huge confidence booster for the production of English language, and as well there was a sense of pride in being able to introduce something of their own first languages and cultures to Dunedin listeners.

While the students were in the studio, those of us back at the school were glued to the radio enjoying a well-polished show.


Leigh Blackall said...

I hope you'll add a word about your students posting to blogs too ;)

hadashi said...

Hi Leigh
That would take up a presentation on its own! Seriously though, we will make mention of that on the website that we'll set up to contain our presentation and original material, links etc.

Graham said...

Hi William - Leigh has introduced me to your blog, which is very impressive. I am preparing a workshop for teachers here in Barcelona, Spain, about the effect of publishing upon students. I'd love to use your students as an example if that sounds OK.

Looking forward to reading more on your blog