Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Language Master

Today during conversation time (when a number of volunteers arrive to help in the classroom) the students showed them a language master. This is a recording machine which helps with pronunciation. A native speaker can record a few seconds of text onto the tape - which is stuck on a card - and then at the flick of a switch, a parallel track can be recorded over by the student.

The tracks can then be played back over and over again to compare them. This is useful not only for vowels and consonants but for longer features of lannguage including linking, stress, rhythm, intonation and so on. It is a lot to grasp immediately, and so today most groups had only a taste.

Aaron "All-White", a fellow teacher, suggested to me that we coulod prepare a series of cards that together make up a dialogue. Pairs of students could then roleplay the script. I like the sound of this.

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