Wednesday, August 16, 2006

English in China

Dear William,
In China,we have to go to school 6days a week and everyday we have English class so we just speak English in the class.Our English book has 18 Units,each unit has many words.we have to learn it and recite it but it is also easy to forget it,haha....
I think everyday we spend little time to practice English.When I do the exercises I often choose the answer by feelling and the answer I choose is often when we have the English examination,my mark is always bad.
What about your Chinese student?
Do they have the problem also?
I think I'm not afraid of speaking English but I don't has the choice to speak English in the public,This is a probliem!!!
And I think a word in English has many meaning that's difficult for me.For example,you say "regards" but I don't know the meaning at first sight until I look out it in the dictionary,it also means greeting .


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