Monday, September 17, 2007

Carol's story - Tropical holiday

Two years ago, my children and I went to Rarotonga which is a beautiful small Island.
It took four hours to get there from Christchurch. We arrived there early in the morning. We were very excited. It was really warm and everything was completely different. As we went into the airport an old man was singing a song and playing a traditional instrument. A big Pacjfic woman brought a beautiful garland of flowers and put it around my neck.

We stayed at a gorgeous resortt. Werented a car and drove around the Island which only thirty minetes. Eveyday we enjoyed many kinds of activities such as canoeing, snorkeling, crab racing, dancing and coconut tree climbing. One day we went canoeing with some people, we decided to paddle to one spot which didn't seem dangerous. When we got there my children jumped into the water and tried to swim. They realized the water was very deep and started to panic. They tried to get out of the water but couldn't because of the strong current.

I also panicked and shouted loudly. I couldn't do anything because if I jumped into thewater it would cause more confusion.

Fortunately, three canoes came. One of the ladies stayed cal, and told me not to panic. Then she rowed to my children and helped them to get into their canoes.

After my children were safe, we went back to the resort. We decided to keep our of trouble so we stayed in our room until the final day. Although we had had a bad experience we had a good time there.

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