Monday, September 17, 2007

Magda's story - Car accident

A few years ago, on a sunny and a beautiful day, I got up early. At 7:30 am, I left home with my children to take them to the university. I dropped them off and after that I went shopping at the supermarket. I spent about one hour,and then I went back home.
While I was driving on Larnach road, I suddenly heard a bang and felt frightened and devastated. Something terrible had happened. I realised that I had been hit by a car!

I stopped the engine, got out and looked at the left side of the car. I found the door was damaged due to the carelessness of the young female driver. I asked her to ring the police, but she woudn't. She told me that she given me all the information about her car and her insurance company. I was worried, so I stopped a driver and asked him what I should do about this accident and then he told me that her information was enough.

When my son came back home, I explained to him what had happened and then he phoned her and got more details from the young woman. The next day, I made a claim to my insurance company. After two days, the company rang me to tell me to send my car to the panelbeating shop to be repaired. I did that and the shop arranged a temporary car for me.

Finally, I received my car as good as new. It took about three weeks until it was sorted out. I was very happy because I am used to driving my own car. When young drivers are careless, it can cause problems.


David Brett said...

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Carol said...

Oh my! It must have been a scary experience for you. I'm just glad that you weren't hurt from the accident and that everything worked well for you.

Brigid Antosh said...

She panicked, which is quite normal but not advisable. The best thing to do is to keep calm. The police will settle the matter. If no one is hurt, the insurance will take care of everything. It's just like what happen to you. Good thing your car was quickly fixed.

Barry Bates said...

Good move on getting her contact number; though, if I were in your position, I would proceed on calling the police. The presence of an authority or third party will help clear the air. But the good thing there was the young lady took full responsibility for what happened, and you were able to get your car good as new!

Elnora Cowger said...

It’s good that you only had to wait three weeks before you got your car back as good as new. Anyway, I love the fact that you got the contact details of the girl, but I think a police report should’ve also been filed. I hope that police reports are required by your insurance provider. :)

-^ Elnora Cowger ^-

Lisa researching car accidents said...

That is terrifying! Glad you are ok!