Monday, September 17, 2007

Hedi's story - First aid

Many years ago my son Alex was three years old. He was a very active child, full of energy, and he would run during our walks outside, but when he was at home he was totally different. Alex was quiet and calm and he spent most of the time playing with his favourite toys - cars and balls. At this age, Alex didn't speak too much. He had a limited vocabulary.

One day he was playing with a small ball in his room. At that moment I was cooking a meal in the kitchen and I tried to look in at him from time to time. Suddenly I heard him shout and I quickly went to the room. I found him crying and repeating 'the ball, the ball'. "Where is it ?" He showed me his mouth. I decided that he had probably swallowed the ball. I asked him, "Did you swallow it ?". He nodded his head and it seemed like he meant, 'yes'. "Are you suffocating ?" I asked, because he started to gasp.

Immediately I remember the advice of Dr Spock, a very famous and popular American pediatrician. I jumped up and put Alex in front of me and I started to press his chest. After a few minutes he cried with joy, " ball" and pointed to the floor.

Only then I realized that it had been a misunderstanding. Alex had never swallowed the ball. He had only tried to show me what would happen, if he did. I started to cry and laugh happily at the same time. It was my first attempt at giving someone first aid and I will remember it all of my life.

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