Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Today from 9.30 until 10.30 you shall be working on your own(or in pairs). At that time I need to do some assessment moderation - yours! You will have three things to do during this time, and I shall follow those tasks up between 11 and 12.

First, your narrative texts. Just to let you prepare, about half of you have achieved this the first time. The other half will need to do a resit as soon as possible - probably next Monday.
I shall go over the main reasons for people not achieving their assessments during the first half hour. It is important that you know. Errors made include:

  • inappropriate modelling
  • too much poor grammar and/or spelling
  • trying something new (no preparation, correction or practice)
  • odd punctuation - full stops in the middle of sentences, commas and stops at the start of lines
  • run-on sentences (trying to link sentences with commas)
  • no clear paragraphs
  • writing too much - 350 words! - (and not having time to correct)
  • using a non-narrative text (or at least no clear resolution)

As for your tasks:

  1. Write yesterdays paragraph on the blue slips of paper. This time, concentrate on correcting the grammar. DON'T write anything different, new or additional
  2. Complete the worksheet headed 'What would you say if . . .'
  3. Read the article from today's ODT about adult literacy in NZ

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