Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Sensible nonsense

The title of this post refers to the narrative I'm going to give you. It is a story that won't make much sense, story-wise. But it includes many of the error that you have made (yesterday I received 8 stories from you to check over). It makes sense, though, because it will make you think about how to correct the deliberate mistakes.

Adventurous living

During the winter three years ago, my husband and I decided to go away. We went on a trip in a river. We enjoying the nature. I saw many boats sailed on the water. There were many penguins we could see them. I thought had a lot of place to relax. I was impressed in NZ. I didn’t want to losting the way. There were a lot of land. There was a crowed of travelers.

Please check before hand. We talked about 2 minutes. I also paniced. Fortunatly, three canoeing came. One of lady was staying clam. She rowed my children and helped them to mount on their canoes. We prepared anything for the trip. Just few minutes later, it broke. After one hour wait, they arrived. My luckily, I saw the bridge. That remind me of the way. That morning was not bad, it was my special excursion. Even now, I could still shiver.

I had ever planed to vist the Sky Tower once but not now. I drove pass the Auckland University. “try again” I told to myself. At home he was totally different. He used a limited vocabulary. He shouted, “hang on!” Usually he was angry from my questions, but in this day he was not.He said me everything. When I knew there is a swiming pool, I couldn’t wait.

I was shock because there was a big and fat dog. The dog was very hate and I want to smack. I hate dogs so I can not imagine how I could stay with that dog. I was about to cried and a tearful my face. I huged m mum and I said to her, “I love mum in the world.” She soothed a crying me. After few days I listened to his bark. We became Friends.

We enjoyed special meals every times I’m not able to enjoy evey food, because I used to Chinese food during my life. I use to the varity food. Looks like very delicious. Only I ate fruits and water. After eat we played games. We watched the traditional island’s dance.

Other things we'll do in this class:

  • 5 minutes to prepare for student reps meeting
  • Kung Fu dictation
  • Conversation lucky dip
  • Pair correction
  • Final Toastmasters advice

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