Monday, September 17, 2007

Samantha's story - My first doll

A long time ago, I was born in a village. I lived in a small wooden house with my parents and my four brothers. We were poor. I still remember that we didn’t have enough money to buy food and clothes or even a toy.

Usually we played games by ourselves including throwing stones. The game was to see who could throw a stone furthest into the forest. We also made kites. Sometimes, we climbed up mountains and swam in the sea. We didn’t have money to buy things, and our parents always taught us we couldn’t steal things from stores. They said we must always pay before leaving. I kept this advice in my mind.

One day, when I was walking past the dump, I saw a beautiful doll inside a heap of rubbish. Even though the doll was covered with leftover food and was smelly, she was lovely.

I put the doll inside my rubbish bag and hid it under my bed. I was scared because I had taken it from the dump without paying. I had stolen the doll from the dump.

A week later, when I came back home after school, I discovered that my doll had disappeared. I saw my mother holding my doll and standing in front of me. I was so scared. I started to cry. I couldn’t stop until my mother used her hand to cover my mouth, and she asked me about the doll. I told her the truth and then my mother told me that the doll was rubbish from someone who threw it away. We didn’t have to pay for it.

It wasn’t a piece of rubbish - it was the first doll in my life. My mother didn’t blame me. In fact, she cleaned up my doll and allowed me to sleep with it.

After I got the doll from the dump, I discovered that it wasn’t only a dump for rubbish. It was a paradise for me. No matter if it was sunny or rainy, my mother would always be able to find me there.

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Chris Jeffery said...

Aaww ..That is one touching story. Not everyone is privileged to own a doll during her childhood. Your story is an inspiration to us all.