Monday, September 17, 2007

Kwi-Ok's story - Birthday party

A long time ago, when I was eleven, I had the best birthday in my life; that's why I still remember the party. I was very happy and so excited because all of my classmates had come.

Before my birthday my dad bought a big birthday cake. I was very happy. "WOW! It looks very delicious and fantastic!" I shouted with joy. But then our dog jumped on the cake! The cake got out of shape. I cried and tears rolled down my face. The dog was very bad. I want to smack it. My mum said, "Don't cry! I'll make a beautiful birthday rice cake." She soothed me, to stop me crying.

Next day my mum made a birthday rainbow rice cake with eleven candles on it, and she also prepared a lot of food. My two brothers decorated our house with all kinds of coloured balloons, and they decorated my room with flowers and pictures, just like a house in a fairy tale. That day I received many presents from my friends and they all joined in singing happy birthday. After the party we played games for three hours. My eleventh birthday party had the largest number of my friends attending.

After the birthday party, I hugged my mum and I said to her, "I love you mum. You are the best mum in the world." My mum also hugged me tight. That night I dreamed of my birthday party.

Sometimes I am absorbed in memories of my childhood, and I want to return to my childhood when I see black and white photographs.

The memory of my eleventh birthday party still remains as an exciting event.

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