Monday, September 17, 2007

George's story - Valentine's Day event

Many years ago, just after our wedding anniversary, my wife and I suddenly decided to go away somewhere for Valentine’s Day. We did not want to stay with crowds of people, so we were really delighted when we saw an advertisement in the Freedom magazine for a holiday flat. It was located in the suburbs of Taichung in the middle of Taiwan.

We booked it at once and on Valentine’s Day in the afternoon, we set off in the car. Although it was raining heavily and was cold and windy, we were still happy and excited.

This trip took us about three hours, and finally we saw the flat in the distance. It stood in a huge wood between the town and the mountains. The forest reached as far as the mountain tops. We drove into the huge front yard, down a long wide cement road. We went to the door and knocked on it lightly. The door opened slowly. The owner, a small old woman, was wearing dirty working clothes, carrying a broom and dustpan.
However, we couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw our room. The bed and the furniture were made of bamboo. They were so old and weak that they made sounds when we used them. Also there was only one power point and the walls were a grey cement colour. It was too dark for us. This flat was really an abandoned farm house, so we decided not to stay there.

We ran to the car, and drove to the town to look for a hotel to stay in. We were worried that it would be hard to find. Eventually we found a small hotel beside a church just as midnight was striking. “Happy Valentine’s Day” the manager said and then he gave us a bunch of flowers and a box of chocolates. We were so happy and excited that we hugged and laughed.

I think “Seeing is Believing” is a good proverb. An advertisement picture is good, but we should not believe it completely. Sometimes it is not true.

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