Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Following up 'Pumpkin'

Today, on our second last day of term (what shall we do tomorrow???) the first part of the morning will be taken up by assessment resits. The lucky few that don't need to will receive a newspaper article that follows the story we read yesterday about a missing three-year-old girl.

There are many links in the news: one, two, three, four, five, six . . .

After the break we will take a look at the 'Grammar Hammer' sheet I've been meaning to share with you for several days. We will choose sentences to make incorrect models of.

Here is another story for you to correct. It has many errors. The original version is here.

Tallest Man in the World Gets Married

The worlds tallest man has marrying a woman who is just two-thirds his height and half his aged in a traditional ceremony in Mongolia. The wedding took place on July 12th in the tomb of the most famous never Mongolian Kublai Khan. The record-breaking 2.4 metre high groom Bao Xishun, 56, is farmer from Mongolia he met his bride Xia Shujian, 28, earlier these year after searching for a suited woman by sending advertisements around the world. Xia be a petite 1.7 metres tall. And comes up to her husbands’ elbow when standing side to side. In the end, he didn’t have to looking so far as his bride are a saleswoman from his own hometown more then 2,000 people attended the happy day, including relatives locals and a large crowd of journalists.

Bao wore a special designed, traditional pale blue wedding robe under neath a decorative gold vest. He ride to his bride's relatives in front of a tomb in a wedding cart pulled by two camel. In keeping with Mongolian tradition, the bride's family tried to "stop" Bao reaching his bride, symbolizing the familie’s last efforts to protect her. Wherever, they soon changed their minds after he pleaded to see and Marry his intended the bride’s family were accepted him and offered tea. Which means he had been accepted in to her family. Bao entered the Guinness Book of World Records las year as the word's tallest person. He were average height until the age of 16. When he suddenly shot up to his current height. Within seven years.

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