Monday, September 10, 2007

Wow! Only two more weeks

Where does the time go? There are only two more weeks to go before the break. I really need to ensure that you are set up for self-study during those three weeks, and also after the end of the year.

Consequently, after our dictation warm-up I shall get you in groups. I shall set you this task: share with everyone your experience with your favourite on-line English learning site. You need to tell the others, and you need to hear about each other's sites. In the computer suite today you may repeat your talk and show all of us where you like to go, and what you like to do. About 5 minutes for each person ought to do it.

As soon as I hear back about your assessment results I shall let you know. Any resits will need to take place as soon as possible. Because of that, your next exercise will be another grammar hunt. I shall choose a news story from this useful news site.

Finally, if we have time, I shall dip into the blue pencil case for a random conversation skill for us to practise.

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