Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Fine day for a barbecue

I won't distract you from our main objective which is to celebrate the coming of spring with our own Language Centre Barbecue.

But to keep up honest, this is the work that will occupy us in the morning:

  1. A few sentences dictated from this morning's newspaper
  2. The same story from the paper for you to read and then rewrite in less than 100 words
  3. Check the narrative that I published on your behalf yesterday for errors and give them to me on a piece of paper
  4. Punctuate the 23 random sentences on the other worksheet, and check your answers by visiting this punctuation site. (There are many other sites for punctuation practice. I like this one the best, and also this one)
  5. Finally, I shall give you the information sheet that I forgot to give you yesterday. We shall look at it more closely tomorrow (after the resits).

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