Monday, September 17, 2007

Jack' s story - My best holiday

Many years ago, I went to a holiday park in the south of Taiwan with some of my best friends. The park was beautiful, green and calm. There was a lot of grassland, a large forest, a vast clear lake and some holiday houses. We stayed there for many days and just enjoyed the nature and the magnificent scenery.

On the third day of our holiday, we went on a boating trip on a long and winding river. The river was deep and the current was strong. We were very excited and also nervous because we had never had any experience of this, and we couldn’t control the boat. We just floated along, and the boat circled around on the water. Suddenly we ran into a current, and the boat was quickly dashed against a rock.

At the time, I didn’t grip the rope well and fell into the water before anyone could reach me. I was terrified and frightened; I couldn’t catch up with the boat and was quickly swept away. Unfortunately I went into a whirlpool, and even though I was making a good effort to escape, I couldn’t swim out. I was tired and I thought I couldn’t survive much longer in the water, but luckily I got hold of a rock and clung desperately to it.

About twenty minutes later, the guide with an assistant rowed in a boat close to the rock. They threw a rope and shouted to me, “Hang on. We’ll get you out!” I tried to catch the rope many times, but it was still too far from me. Finally the guide dove into the water and brought it to me. Then I was soon taken to the riverbank.

When I recall the matter, even now I still appreciate the guide. I believe that it was the most exciting holiday of my life.

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