Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Let's have a topic-related class today. The topic is 'Habits' - which is what you'll be talking about during conversation hour.

Yesterday I asked you about your on-line English habit. Today we'll look at all sorts of habits.

After some dictation I shall get you to do a brainstorm about that word. That will develop your mental agility - an important thing for using English.

I did a search with the terms 'habit and 'ESOL' and came up with five sites you might take a look at whenever you have a pare moment.

The first gives an alternate set of conversation questions.

The second is a friendly letter of advice for developing English learning habits.

The third is for teachers of absolute beginners of English.

The fourth is an interesting looking ESL learning site. The page you arrive at is all about the human body, healthy habits etc.

The fifth is an interesting article about lifelong learning.

But to get back to what we will be doing . . .

I discovered a one-page lesson plan for teachers on the Internet. That is the one I would like to try and work through with you. I have printed you each off a copy.

I guess that my habit is using my blog every day to teach my class!

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