Monday, September 17, 2007

Hannah's story - A Wild Ride

Eight years ago, our family was still living in Cambridge, we had a couple of really good friends called Paul and Sally. They were generous and hospitable, and they really loved to go jet boating. One weekend, they invited us to go boating with thom on the Waikato River, and we decide to accept their invitation.

That morning, we got up early and met them at their place. We spent thirty minutes getting to theriver. After Paul put the boat in the water, he showed us how to put on the lifejackets, and then he patiently explained the safety rules to us. If the boat went fast, we would have to hold on tight. Then we were off.

We were ready to face the big challenge. The view of the riverbank was incredible. The ride of thrills, fun and excitement took us along a beautiful river environment, lined with native bush and sheer rock cliffs. Then the engines roared and we were pushed black into our seats. We sped down the river with the wind whipping our hair and water spraying all around us.

Paul span the wheel and made the boat spin 360 degrees. My stomach was churning and I was laughing so much. I heard the other people yell. Back down the river we hurtled. We sped around a corner and headed straight toward a bank. I closed my eyes. Suddenly, the engine started steaming and making strange noises and then stopped right in the middle of the river. All of us were frightened and worried. I was anxious that we would be stranded for some hours. Fortunately after twenty minutes, Paul got the boat up and running again.

Finally, we headed back to shore safely. We were all wet and exhausted. When we got on the bank and stood on the earth again, we had acheived the most exciting and wildest ride that we had ever had, and also we felt very happy.

It was a nice day which we have never forgotten. We had never go to try anything new, since the year we moved to New Zealand, so this memory stands out.

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